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Opening Day is Fast Approaching!

If you haven't yet I would recommend getting your orders placed on the website as soon as possible. 

We have been accepting orders for approximately 2 weeks now and I estimate we are about 75% sold out! Interestingly somethings like Plums, Hazelnuts and Saskatoon Berries that I still had left last season have been the first things to mostly sell out, while things like Elderberries, Pears and Royalty Purple Raspberries that sold instantly last year are still remaining. 

We actually have a great variety of apple trees left only because I ordered a huge amount hoping I'd have 50 or so extra to start a proper orchard at my place, but that plan is starting to look less likely, which is fine as I'm more than happy to plant an Elderberry forest instead!

This year we are also carrying accessories and gardening supplies, including pruners, soil amendments, and pest control products.

This season we will also be carrying a bit of bulk material namely woodchips and "Meeker's Magic Mix" Fish Compost. Over the years everyone has always told me about how amazing Meeker's Magic Mix was and how it was impossible to find anymore. So I did some digging and turns out they are no longer packaging it in plastic bags but it is still available in bulk and they were actually looking for local distributors, which I am very excited to be. We are also committed to trying to reduce plastic waste, so it will be sold loose and measured by the 5gal bucket. Just bring whatever holding vessel you want and we will fill it up with our bucket. 

I am also very excited to be able to supply another new local soil amendment, Worm Castings from  Ormuir Organics.

We have also started some garden seedlings for sale this year, but want to wait until a bit closer to opening to offer these for sale to ensure success, but they will be; Yellow tomato -Heirloom Purple Cherokee Tomato - Starfire Tomato - Giant Green Pepper - Blue Curled Kale - African Daisy - Dwarf Green Curled Kale - Tuscany Black Kale - Artichoke - Jewel Nasturtium - Cosmos - Large Leaf Italian Basil - Zinnia - Dianthus (Sweet William).

I also have a friend that has been making cement planters, bird baths and garden spheres, we hope to have available when we are officially open. 

Opening Day for the season will be Friday April 30th.

Unfortunately with the new stay at home order and pandemic restrictions, we do encourage everyone to place your orders online and schedule your curb-side pickups. We will allow limit access to the green houses and enclosed areas and everyone is required to wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines as per public health when on site. If there are too many people on site at once, you may be required to remain in your vehicle. Please try to respect your scheduled pick up times, and if you need any changes don't hesitate to reach out and we can try to accommodate. 

Hours for the Season

Tuesday 12-6PM

Friday 12-6PM

Saturday 10-4PM

We were previously planning to attend the Sudbury Market on Saturday's, but they are currently restricted to "Food Vendor's Only" and it looks like we may be potentially sold out by that time, so that plan is currently on hold. 

Pruning/Planting Services.

I am happy to announcing that I now have an option for everyone looking for pruning services. The team at Sudbury Shared harvest is up and running with there social enterprise to help support local growers.  Like always this still only applies to tree's less than 10 years old and work that can be done with pruners and loopers. These gals will not be scaling your old gnarly trees with harnesses and chainsaws. 

They will also be offering planting services during the season. So if you don't want to dig the hole and need help with all the special attention required at planting time they would be happy to help. They can also help you with determining the perfect place to plant your new trees.

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