We will be opening in April for the 2021 Season!

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We are offering pruning, planning and consulting services during the winter season!

I finally have some time to offer some planting advice, tree consults and private pruning services. It's not something I normally plan to offer but certainly something I do get lots of requests for and I'll explain why I'm making this exception below. If it is a service you're interested in please send me an email with your requests. Please provide your address, time preferred (either weekday or weekends) and what you're interested in, whether it's pruning or any fruit tree care services, advice and private consultations about your current trees, or planning and assistance in future planting projects. As well and more details regarding the scope of work so I can try to determine the amount of time required to schedule. I will compile the requests, look at geographic areas and preferred dates  and try to offer some times that will work for everyone. I will likely do the planting and other consults first and pruning a bit later once everything is frozen and fully dormant for the seasons. The rate is $50/hour, with a 30minute minimum. If I get enough requests within a geographical area there will be no additional fees, but if not there may be a travel fee also added, but I will advise you in advance. While I'm on site I can also provide any private lessons and instructions requested.

The reason I'm making this exception and providing this service is to assist the team at Sudbury Shared Harvest. They are hoping to expand their organization and services, and also create a social enterprise to help fund their ongoing projects and also provide employment opportunities for others interested in urban agriculture and sustainability. Members of the team will be shadowing and assisting me when I provide these services with the hopes that can offer these themselves in the future. The plan for this expansion is offering a turn key solution for anyone wanting to plant perennial food growing systems in their yards. They hope to offer everything from the initial planning, to the actual planting and all the ongoing care and maintenance these may require. The service can also include setting up composting and rainwater catchment systems, as well as companion planting of native plants and pollinators. Essentially you provide the space and fees, they can do all (or some of the work) and you reap the rewards of the ongoing harvests (and have that feel good feeling about using your property for the greater good of the planet). All these services may not be available the first season, and the project may certainly change and grow along the way as well. In fact if you think it's a need or something you would use they are currently contacting a survey to determine just that! Please click here and fill it out!

I think this service will fill a need within our community and hopefully further lead to more fruit and berries trees and shrubs as well as native plants being planted in our community. For the record I'm not just saying all this since we sell the trees, but local agriculture and a local food movement is something I'm very passionate about. I'll try not to stand too long on my soapbox, but food waste (over 40% of food is wasted somewhere along the supply chain from farm, to stores to households) and the unnecessary transportation of food is one of the biggest and easiest to fix issues when it comes to climate change and lessening our environmental impacts in this planet!

Sorry about the little interlude but I'll get back on topic. On second thought I don't actually have more to say myself. We are officially closed for sales until next spring but gift cards are still available on the website for purchase HERE.

I did want to take another quick opportunity to let everyone know a bit more about Sudbury Shared Harvest. They are still a relatively new organization in this city but are already doing some great work. From their website they are described as "a charitable organization with a mission to cultivate community health by connecting people, the food they eat and the land it comes from. We support people in gaining the knowledge, skills and resources they need to access or grow their own food in a way that enhances our urban environment." I hindsight I probably should have just used their line instead of my interlude, but oh well. They are instrumental in the planting of Edible Forest Gardens all around Greater Sudbury with the oldest and most established in Delki Dozzi Park. They also have some great educational content on their website, from their Grow Your Own webinar series, definitely worth checking out. Lastly I'll mention that they are a registered charity and need all the community support they can to continue operating. They are certainly a passionate team and I commend them for undertaking this further expansion in hopes of becoming more self-sustaining, but until that point they can certainly benefit from ongoing support and donations from the community which can be sent here.

There's still lots of winter activity going on around here and I'll share some here and there on social media so be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram. Also be sure to subscribe to our "Treemail" list, at the blue bar above of link at the bottom of this page. You'll be the first to know about spring opening and we also try to share some timely tree care advise.

I also wanted to put any requests out for people to send me any photos and testimonials of there successful trees growing here in the north. It would be great to have some more photos of real trees growing here in Northern Ontario on the website. Also if you've had any of the varieties and wanted to help add to the taste and flavor descriptions that would certainly help as it's the one thing I get asked so often. 

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