About Us!

Our Location

We are located in Naughton, just west of Sudbury and approximately a 15-20 minute drive from Downtown or the South End. It contains our private residence and small orchard/nursery. Please try to respect the posted hours and often I'm working in town so you don't want to make the drive for nothing. 

The address is 2500 Regional Road 55/Old Hwy 17, Naughton and here is a shot of the map below. This season I'll have a large sign at the road so hopefully it's easy to spot. Once you turn off, just make a quick right and head up the driveway until the area that looks like a orchard/garden center. 

We provide local pick up only, we don't offer shipping of orders and you must be able to arrange pick up at our site. 

Our History

Lewis Hardy Fruit trees has been providing fruit trees specialized for northern climates since 1982. It was a dream and hobby of founder Ron Lewis after being frustrated with trees being offered for sale at most garden centers and nurseries. He made it his mission to seek out trees that would thrive in out climate, and he found the amazing hardy varieties being breed and researched at the University of Saskatchewan, He was one of the very first people to make these available for gardeners and growers here in Northern Ontario. His business has operated here annually in spring and Ron has been a local expert here making many presentations regarding this topic for local media and gardening organizations. 

Over the last few years Ron has been looking for a successor to take over his business. He was looking for someone who shares his passion and approach and found it in none other than his old neighbor Phil Beauchamp. 

Phil was always curious about what Ron or "Mr Lewis" was doing on the other side of fence and often found himself over there, admiring his giant pumpkins and all the amazing fruit trees. Of course Ron is always quick to impart his wisdom with anyone who comes to listen and Phil himself always had an interest in gardening, farming and homesteading. 

So the first thing Phil did when he bough his own home was plant a whole lot of fruit trees. Of course he didn't always do things properly and had more of a "plant first and figure out why they died later" approach. Which it turns out is the best way to learn right? So between constantly nagging Ron for advice and reading as much as he could on the topic he slowly developed a serious expertise on the topic. 

Over the years Phil and Ron's friendship continued to grow and their chat's regarding growing trees became ever more sophisticated. The topics turned to Ron looking for someone to pass the torch too. Of course this was an exciting opportunity for Phil who has a real entrepreneurial spirit and deeply passionate about food security and producing local food. 

Since 2019 the torch has been passing to Phil, who now takes care of most of the day to day operations, but not many days go by before he's reaching out to Ron again for ongoing advice and support. 

Ron at Sudbury Gardening Festival

Our Approach

Ron's has always been unwavering is his commitment to provide only the hardiest and most reliable fruit trees for Northern Ontario. He selects varieties with proven track records for hardiness as well and high quality fruit, and only releases them for sale after proven success in his own orchard garden. 

Contact Us

The best way to reach us is via email at lewishardyfruittrees@gmail.com and we usually respond within 48hrs. 

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